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Love Others, Esteem Life

Love Others, Esteem Life
Taiwan students bear much school pressure in their adolescence, a critical period for forming individual values and lifestyles. Hence, there is a need for experienced and compassionate teachers who can transmit to them the real meaning and value of life.

The Life Education Program is designed to address the young people's apparent lack of meaning in their lives.

"Education should not only be according to the Confucian principle of 'Teach All and Reject No One,' but also welcome a plurality of values, encouraging students to develop their unique potential," said Tu Cheng-sheng, Minister of Education.

"We hope our young people learn to value their lives and their future," he said.

"Many modern-day parents are concerned that their children are left behind at the starting line. But they seldom ponder where the real value of winning and losing lies."

Their concept of education seems to be focused on academic performance or finding a good job in future. But in this century, the human quality of life is emphasized. Life education is absolutely necessary to remedy this slanted view of education.

The Ministry of Education has recently listed Life Education as one of its key objectives, hoping to enhance the real education of each student by implementing the concept of "Education of the Whole Person."

Tu said that education should seek to cultivate a complete citizen and uncover the real meaning and value of the person. An educational system that is focused on test-taking is just the surface manifestation of a deeper problem. The whole system that fails to develop students' talents lies at the root of the matter and should be tackled.

Tu expressed his hope that the youth understand the value of life during their school years and respect and cherish their own lives.

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