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MOE Hopes More Students Play Sports

MOE Hopes More Students Play Sports
After months of fierce struggle, the 2006 HBL Final Game was finally staged again at the Taipei Arena several days ago. Education Minister Tu Cheng-sheng showed up and cheered for the players.

"I'm glad to see the excellent performance of the HBL players and the enthusiastic audience," said Tu. "These show that national basketball games, promoted by the MOE for years, is now one of Taiwan's favorite sports."

"I think that athletic training should start at a young age." The MOE hopes that students develop an interest in exercise in elementary school, nurture their athletic abilities in junior high school, strengthen those abilities in senior high school, and have a love for sports during their college studies.

Student athletic competitions seek to bring together those with special talents in sports. They also help boost the overall national sport competitiveness. The MOE believes that a sport-loving population instills a sporting spirit among students.

"Exercising plays a significant role in increasing national physical strength," said Tu. "By organizing sports events, the young people can have more channels to express their talents and will certainly encourage everyone to exercise more."

Minister Tu expressed his appreciation at the support shown by some business enterprises. He congratulated the winners of the HBL game and said that he hoped all the players could work harder to break their own records.

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