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No more corporal punishment on campus

No more corporal punishment on campus
Taiwan has become one of the 109 countries that officially forbid corporal punishment on campus after an announcement made by President Chen on December 27th 2006.

Corporal punishment defined

In his announcement, President Chen said that the government defines "corporal punishment" as the physical punishments teachers administer to students and that could cause physical or mental injuries.

The government also defined "discipline" as effective or ineffective measures taken by teachers to strengthen or correct their students' behavior.

Punishments are the measures teachers use to reduce their students' misbehavior.

No more inspection of students' packs

The government out of respect for students' human rights, ruled that teachers should neither perform body searches on students nor inspect their personal belongs such as backpacks and handbags. If such measures are deemed necessary, a third party should be present.
Creating friendlier campuses

To correct their students' misbehavior, teachers can inform their parents or guardians, give them additional homework, or require them to do some public services.

The Ministry of Education has constructed a website ( about student discipline in order to help teachers create a friendlier campus and enable their students have happier lives.

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