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Ministry of Education advocates the holding of World Games 2009 in Taiwan

Ministry of Education advocates the holding of World Games 2009 in Taiwan
World Games 2009 is to be held in Kaohsiung. Minister Tu Cheng-sheng in the afternoon of August 2, 2007 received Chairman of International World Games Association, Ron Froehlich. During their meeting, Minister Tu indicated the Ministry's intention to support World Games 2009, to be held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Froehlich expressed his concern over preparations being made regarding languages and athletes' village. Minister Tu noted the Ministry would do its utmost to assist in the event. With regard to languages, the Ministry has enlisted the help of National Chengchi University and Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages in training individuals to become volunteers. Chengchi University offers courses on over 20 different languages and has produced many proficient foreign language speakers. The university definitely can solve the problem of interpreting for the athletes during the Games.

World Games 2009 is one of the major international sports events. On behalf of Taiwan, Kaohsiung City has won the right to host a major international sports event in Taiwan's history, holding the Eighth World Games on July 16-26, 2009. The event will attract the world's attention to Taiwan in 2009. This in Taiwan's pride and honor.

World Games the world's second biggest sports event, second only to the Olympics. About 4,000 top-notch athletes in over 200 teams from nearly one hundred countries are expected to take part in World Games 2009, competing for prizes in 32 events. World Games have been held in the US (Santa Clara), the UK (London), Germany (Karlsruhe), the Netherlands (The Hague), Finland (Lahti), Japan (Akita) and Germany (Duisburg). This is the first time World Games will be held in Taiwan.

After having been briefed on the progress of the preparation for World Games 2009, the premier said: The government values the holding of World Games 2009. It wants to push Taiwan onto the world stage, let the world see Taiwan's prosperity and development, and do its utmost to make the event a success.

Therefore, with the instruction from Premier Chang, the Ministry is aggressively assisting in the preparation for holding World Games 2009. With regard to Kaohsiung City's request for funds to renovate the universities' sports facilities, the Ministry has appropriated funds for the renovation of several universities' sports facilities. These schools include National Sun Yat-Sen University, NSYSU-affiliated Kuo-Kwang High School, National Kaohsiung Normal University and Kaohsiung Medical University. In order for the facilities to meet requirements, the Ministry has appropriated NT$52 million for the renovation. Since World Games is a Taiwan-hosted international sports event, and renovated facilities will help the universities with their future teaching and athletic activities, the Ministry is doing its utmost to help.

To provide athletes, audiences and travelers with interpreting services during the Games, Department of Higher Education has helped put together a group of individuals able to communicate in foreign languages that include French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Belgian, Danish, Bulgarian, Thai, Iranian, Malay, Indonesian, Cambodian and Arabic, in preparation for the handling of emergencies taking place during the Games.

In addition, Taiwan is a maritime state. World Games 2009 is expected to include 23 official athletic events and 6 exemplary performing events. As participation in volunteer service is a sign of becoming an advanced country, Department of Physical Education is to enlist the help of volunteers from the physical education departments of various schools. DPE is currently working with KOC to train individuals to become volunteers, hoping to see more people become volunteers. This will infuse extra momentum to Taiwan's holding athletic events in the future. As to the promotion of the Games, the Ministry has instructed social education agencies and certain schools to work with the Ministry in this regard, in the hope of extending Taiwan's sincere invitation to her international friends.

It is the Ministry's aspiration to build a quality, international, diverse athletic environment, hoping to allow foreign visitors experience Taiwan's rich and diverse culture and allow athletes take full advantage of their potential and give their best performance. In addition to being an international athletic event, World Games provides an opportunity for Taiwan nationals to have direct contact with and understanding of people from various countries, enabling appreciation of sportsmanship and exchange of cultures. Therefore, the Games can promote development of the city hosting the event and allow people living here enjoy the feeling of becoming a part of the global village.

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