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Taiwan young athletes prove they can excel in sports and studies

Taiwan young athletes prove they can excel in sports and studies
The 24th World University Games and the 2007 Record Breakers Awards for University and High School Students might break the stereotype that athletes always perform poorly in academics.

This year, the National Taiwan University's swimming team set new records in eight events at this annual sports event. Yang Jian-ting, a doctoral candidate at the National Chiao Tung University, also broke a record in the men's 3,000-meter steeplechase.

Chuang Chia-Jung and Chan Yung-Jan, students of the Taipei Physical Education College and The National College of Physical Education and Sports, won second place in U.S. Open's women doubles. Their perfect performance not only wrote a new page in Taiwan's tennis history, but also got a billion people all over the world to watch them become another source of pride for Taiwan.

"2007 is the year for Taiwan athletes," said Tu Cheng-sheng. "The world now knows the quality of Taiwan athletes through the high standards set by Wang Chien-ming, Chuang Chia-Jung and Chan Yung-Jan."

At the 24th World University Games held in Bangkok this year, the team from Taiwan ranked ninth with seven golds, nine silver and twelve bronze medals.

"For a professional athlete, the outcome of the game is surely important, but the sportsmanship and the learning experience that comes with participation in sports are values they will have throughout their lives," said Tu, "This is the reason why the MOE has been promoting the Exercise for Health, Live Happily Program in schools these past years."

The MOE organized the event to award athletes and show gratitude to their coaches and trainers. In future, the MOE plans to promote a complete training system for professional athletes and continue to promote the Exercise for Health, Live Happily Program , to promote exercise as one of the most important things in life.

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