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The Presentation for the fruits from the "2006 Overseas Training Plan for Arts and Designing Talents" and from the Study Camp for 2008

The Presentation for the fruits from the "2006 Overseas Training Plan for Arts and Designing Talents" and from the Study Camp for 2008
In 2006, as per the requirement of the "Overseas Training Plan for Arts and Designing Talents" proposed by the Ministry of Education (MOE), 12 students from the rank of elite students of this country were selected and divided into 3 groups, "Creative Design" , "Digital Media Design", and "Graphic Design", to study abroad at famous educational institutions and companies for 1 year. On October 19th, 2007, these students brought back their excellent works and shared the fruits of their study with the press and all attendees.

Dr. Mu-Lin Lu, The Political Deputy Minister of the MOE, expressed that in order to cultivate competitive art and design talents that can create works matching international standards and to establish a system of international cooperation for long-term human resource development, with the subsidy coming from the Ministry of Education, students in the related fields with high developmental potentials have been sent abroad to famous universities, organizations or companies for focused studies, training or internship for 1 year. The program has been proven to be very effective during the 3 year trial run from 2005 to 2007, and so it has been decided that beginning from next year (2008), the number of students will be increased to 24. It's hoped that by the number increase more talents and human resources can be developed and thus increase the competitiveness of this country.

The "Graphic Design" group was formed in 2006. Different schools and organizations from England, Germany, and US were selected for the study abroad partnership program. Here's the list of schools: Royal College of Art, Art Center College of Design, School of Art and Design Berlin Weissensee, Pratt Institute, University of Southern California, California Institute of the Arts, and Savannah College of Art & Design.

Hong-Chi Chen, who was selected to be in the "Creative Design" group and attended Hochschule fuer Gestaltung Offenbach, Germany, completed 11 works in only 1 year. Here's the list of some of his works: "GAR - Environmental-friendly Leisure vehicle for the city", "Monopoly Globe ", "The young musician - Music learning system for children" , and "The SAMARITER Safety and Rescue from the earthquake system (SAMARITER)". He has received medals and prize money domestically and internationally for the first 3 works listed.

Yu-Ciao Wang, a student who's studying at the Royal College of Art, England received coverage in this article "We make money not art" in "aminima 21", a British magazine, for her work titled "Moldy Body".

Yau-Chong Chang from the "Graphic Design" group went to the Pratt Institute in the US for 1 year of study. He created an interactive calendar named "Good Girl ". The "beginning point" of this calendar features a picture of the girl without make up. The reader continues through each month and discovers small changes in the looks and the psyche of the girl.

"Dung Beetle", done by a group of 4 students - Zi-Qiang Li, Jiang-Wei Wu, Qian-Ya Guan and Ting-Rong Xu(all studied at the Savannah College of Art & Design) - from the "Digital Media Design" group, showed the benefits of dung to dung beetles by using their instincts in order to attract consumers in a food chain.

In order to make the selection process more balanced, beginning from next year (2008) the selection process will be done in a study camp. A "seed" teacher development and training program will be instituted at the study camp. Performing the selection process at a camp helps to increase participation of students, raise the level of creation and competition, and most importantly, it helps the students to be exposed to multi-dimensional international training regiments.

The selection process for candidates eligible for study camps for 2008 has been completed in the beginning of September, 2007. At this presentation, the works from the members of the 3 groups done in the past 2 weeks were on display and made this presentation even more exciting.

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