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Lifelong Learning; Healthy Taiwan

Lifelong Learning; Healthy Taiwan
To encourage the society to jointly promote lifelong learning and make people understand that learning is an essential activity in daily life, the Ministry of Education began to promote the ideal of a lifelong learning society in 2005, and each year the Ministry nominates the institutions with outstanding achievements in promoting lifelong learning. This year, cases applying for commendations have been reviewed in November and the ceremony of 2007 Outstanding Institution in Promoting Lifelong Learning Awards was held on December 20 of 2007. The ceremony was hosted by the Administrative Deputy Minister, Chou Tsan-Der, who presented two awards - "Outstanding Organization or Employer In Promoting Paid Employee Learning System" and "Outstanding Media in Promoting of Lifelong Learning" to commend the organizations, employers, and media production companies that actively promote or produce high quality lifelong learning programs and share the experiences.

Lifelong learning has become an essential element for individuals and organizations living in the era of a knowledge economy. Along with advancements in broadcasting technology and the increasing influence of the audio/visual broadcasting media, the Ministry of Education drafted the "Organization or Employer Promoting Paid Employee Learning System Awards Implementation Guidelines" and "Media Production Broadcasting or Publishing Lifelong Learning Programs or Contents Grant Award Implementation Guidelines" and regularly hosts award programs.

This year's winners for the "Organization or Employer Promoting Paid Employee Learning System Award" promote a diversified range of lifelong learning systems, and organizations particularly worth commending are National Taiwan Normal University, the Directorate General of Coast Guards (Executive Yuan), and Fengshan City Hall (Kaohsiung County), who have been the winners for three consecutive years.

The biggest winner of this year's "Media Production Broadcasting or Publishing Lifelong Learning Programs or Contents Grant Awards" is the National Education Broadcasting Station. The company's Taipei Station won three production awards, and the Taipei Station and Hualien Station each won a broadcasting award. This demonstrates the National Education Broadcasting Station's devotion to the promotion of lifelong learning. Among the winning productions, "Your Good Education Partner" is an instant information update network that links the parents into a web of growth and shattered many educational myths. The Fukien language program "Evergreen Square" is a program for the elderly, which provides information on elderly care and health; it is an implementation of the "Elderly Education White Papers". "Flavors of Taiwan" Is a program that leads the audience into the cultures, folk songs, religions and customs, and personalities of Taiwan; people of all ages, gender, and ethnicity join together on air to learn about the diversified cultures of their motherland - Taiwan.

In the 21st century which is full of unknowns, challenges, and infinite possibilities, knowledge and learning are the cores for sustainable development and continuous progress of the society. The Ministry of Education would like to express special thanks to the winning organizations for their devotion; they are the best models of "Life Long Learning". The Ministry of Education also wishes to bring the concept of lifelong learning to every corner of the society, make learning part of everybody's life, and construct a society where every place is a classroom and every moment is a time to learn.

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