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The Help Dreams Website Helps the Dreams of Students to Further Their Studies Come True

The Help Dreams Website Helps the Dreams of Students to Further Their Studies Come True
To enable fast, easy access to information on scholarships and awards, the Ministry of Education set up a Help Dreams website ( in February 2005 for the use of students, parents and the general public interested in scholarships and awards offered by government agencies, businesses and non-profit organizations.

Extensive, classified information on scholarships and awards

The website has extensive information to offer. It includes financial aid measures offered by colleges and universities to disadvantaged students, waiving and reduction of tuition and fees for students with special status (disabled students and students of disabled parents, students of low-income families, indigenous students, spouses and children of deceased servicemen, government employees and teachers), student loans, scholarships and awards for graduate students, awards for the children of the unemployed and scholarships and awards for the children of farmers and fishermen.

It also includes information on the financial aid offered by colleges and universities from setting aside 3-5% of their tuition and fees revenues as well as scholarships and awards provided by individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations. The website provides information on the more than NT$18 billion in financial aid on offer.

Government agencies, city/county governments, schools, businesses and non-profit organizations offering scholarships and awards can register with the website at any time. The information they provide is verified by the website to reduce repetition and ensure completeness. Visitors can search for scholarships/awards using criteria that includes keyword, amount, provider, candidate, field of study, application location and merit. Website members can subscribe to its e-paper depending on their status or the school at which they enroll so that they can be informed of useful scholarship information without having to log in. Students and parents are welcome to take advantage of the website.

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