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Tsing Hua College: Integrating Learning with Living

Tsing Hua College: Integrating Learning with Living

Adopting integrated learning concepts from top universities of the world, National Tsing Hua University began, in 2008, to reorganize some of their dormitories into residential college and established Tsing Hua College. Residents of the newly created Tsing Hua College will see their dorm as their home away from home instead of merely a place to hang one's hat. The essential ingredients of this transformation are based on the following visions:

  • life enrichment through on-campus living;
  • comprehensive learning through uniquely designed curriculum and extra-curriculum activities;
  • community and participation via a family-like living arrangement.

Funded by the Project for the Development of World-Class Universities and Excellent Research Centers, the dormitory of Tsing Hua College is a coed dormitory designed to cultivate students into enthusiastic learners and compassionate human beings who will eventually become responsible and productive citizens upon their graduation.

There are many examples of how this new college has broadened students' horizon. A participant wrote after completing his Ambling on the East Coast and said "The trip I took during last winter break allowed time to gently trickle by, and offered me a chance to slowly soak in the mighty ocean azure and the glittering evening stars--- which were once oblivious to me as I often felt like drowning in the structured living and the inexorable passage of time. I could hardly wait to share this incredible discovery with my numerous friends; I became more sensitive to everyday living, and more positive in facing new challenges."

This integrated learning and living concept was embodied in the assertion of students' self-esteem when facing adversities. This in turn will translate into character building, fostering independent thinking, and eventually a caring person and productive member of our society tomorrow.

Tsing Hua College: Integrating Learning with LivingTsing Hua College: Integrating Learning with Living

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