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Results from Returning Oversea Elite Artists and Designers from the Ministry of Education's Elite Training Program 2008


Many people have a dream to study or work abroad. In 2008, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education's (MOE) Overseas Training Program for Elite Artists and Designers, this dream came true for 19 lucky students. Since 2008, the number of collaborating schools in this program has increased to a total of 11 in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and New Zealand. The goal is to help students become independent and blend into foreign culture, while learning the design strengths of different countries.

Bang-yao Liu, a previously unknown student from the "Digital Media Design Group", is now known internationally. Because of the MOE SPOSAD program, Liu's most successful work, the "DEADLINE post-it stop motion", had been viewed on YouTube more than 2.6 million times. Wieden+Kennedy, a famous international advertising agency, noticed Liu's excellent work on YouTube and invited him to participate in an advertisement project for "Converse" (Shoe Company) in Shanghai. The members of the advertising team were from Thailand, Shanghai and Taiwan. Most importantly, Liu is the only representative of Taiwan. In addition, Microsoft also admired Liu's outstanding work and signed a contract with him and authorizing him to finish the projects.

Regarding the "Product Design Group", both Jen-yang Chang and Hsi-Kai Tseng achieved noteworthy accomplishments. The former studied at Musashino Art University in Japan and the latter studied at Royal College of Art in United Kingdom. Chang developed the concept "Share" by combining the functions of cameras and projectors while cooperated with CASIO, which is one of the biggest Japanese electronic companies. Chang's work was appreciated by CASIO, furthermore, it successfully acquired patent to protect the copyright of the product. Moreover, Tseng's hard work can be observed from the report he wrote and awards he got over the past year. He not only won awards in domestic and international design competitions, but also exhibited his project "the Door" at the International Furniture Fair of Milan.

The accomplishments of 2008 MOE SPOSAD students were brighter and richer than before. Besides of the talent and hard work of these students, much of results should be attribute to the MOE SPOSAD program that give these students the opportunity to receive the diverse and extensive training.

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