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Art and Humanities Education Inspiration By The Xue Xue Foundation

The Xue Xue Foundation and the MOE together organized an art and humanities education inspiration program which included aesthetic literacy classes for teachers and off-campus experiences for students. The purpose of the program was to encourage appreciation of the beauty of colors in daily life, to invoke interest in learning and to combine local artistic and cultural features into lesson plans, as it solidifies instructors’ teaching experience for future development and application.

The Xue Xue Foundation has been devoted to colors research as a part of culture for years which helped it earns a spot at the top of the professional aesthetic education field, and the Xue Xue Taiwan cultural color website ( has brought digital archives into art education.
During the art and humanities program, students participated in activities such as coloring canvas bags and making colorful magnets to practice good use of colors, with creative composition, proportions and configurations of colors. Students were able to appreciate the colorful environment which they live in and apply their new knowledge in everyday life.

Participating teachers said students’ senses of color were enriched by the program’s teaching method, an innovation for color education instruction among elementary school teachers. Using the abundant resources on the website, students were able to learn more about Taiwanese artists and other unique beauty of the arts and cultures in Taiwan.

The MOE will continue to promote aesthetic-based activities for elementary school teachers and students through classes, exhibitions and workshops. It will also encourage teachers to make lesson plans regarding local and community art education, thereby inspiring students’ aesthetic prowess and creativity.

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