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“Beautiful Airport” Project Makes Taoyuan International Airport More Pleasant for Travelers

The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Transportation and Communications invited companies to participate in art education as an expression of art appreciation to cultivate public’s aesthetic literary with an event running from April to September 2014. The “Beautiful Airport” project at Taoyuan International Airport showcases artwork mostly created by Taiwanese students. Aesthetic education is the core of education. The project shows Taiwanese students’ creativity and Taiwan’s aesthetic soft power to the world, and helps to cultivate public aesthetic literacy and boost national competitiveness through inspiration and long-term development.

Providing a platform for children to show their interests and talents is one of the best ways of encouraging them. Knowing this, companies from different sectors came together for the first time, including Taoyuan International Airport Ltd., Ever Rich D.F.S. Corporation, I-Mei Foods Co., LTD and Tasa Meng Duty Free Shop. Together with winners from the national student art competition, this event includes folk songs, chorus performances, instrumental performances and painting exhibitions, allowing passengers at the airport to experience Taiwan’s aesthetic prowess.

The “Dynamic Shows” section includes student choirs, brass quintets, folk songs, harmonica performances, string quartets, and chamber sizhu (絲竹樂string and wind ensemble music) performances. The other “Perfect SPA” section exhibits artwork from the national student art competition. These art pieces bring Taiwan’s tourist attractions and local cultures into the airport, promoting tourism while focusing on children’s creativity at the same time. An interactive display of painting software attracts visitors to draw and interact with each other. Through this event, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Transportation and Communications are encouraging the public to appreciate the beauty of daily life and participate in aesthetic education.

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