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Intensive Mandarin Program for Malaysian Officials and Teachers held in Taiwan

Intensive Mandarin Program for Malaysian Officials and Teachers held in Taiwan

Thirty Malaysian officials and teachers took part in a 3-week Malaysian Officials and Teachers Intensive Mandarin Learning Program, held at Chaoyang University of Technology in Taiwan from November 25 to December 17, 2019. A prime aim of this professional development program was to promote further collaboration between Malaysia and Taiwan in the field of Chinese language learning and teaching.

The program was organized with the support of Taiwan’s Ministry of Education, and the Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia. The participants, from each of the states in Malaysia, were assigned by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

The courses, ranging from basic Mandarin conversation to advanced and creative Mandarin teaching methods, were customized to cater to the participants’ different Mandarin proficiency levels, and backgrounds. Apart from the language and teaching methodology lessons, there were calligraphy and qigong classes, a Hakka culture education tour, and a hands-on traditional craft class to give the participants more awareness and understanding of Taiwan’s culture and society.

The officials and teachers also visited Wufeng Elementary School to experience an education environment in Taiwan in person. During the visit, Wufeng Elementary School and SJKC Khay Boon, an elementary school in the rural state Kelantan, established a sister school relationship, and the two schools will explore possibilities for future collaboration.

The participating officials and teachers were encouraged to share details of Taiwan’s excellent teaching methods and teaching materials that can benefit teachers and students in Malaysia.