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The First Taiwan–Russia Online Course on Chinese–Russian Interpreting

Tang Meng-Wei, a Taiwanese Mandarin Chinese Teacher working at MSPU, who helped organize the first online course on Chinese–Russian Interpreting participated in by students there

The first Taiwan-Russian online course on Chinese-Russian Interpreting was successfully held between Moscow State Pedagogical University (MSPU), where three Taiwanese Mandarin Chinese teachers work, and National Chengchi University on May 14, 2020. It was organized with the support of the Taipei-Moscow Economic and Cultural Coordination Commission. Eighteen students of Russian or Mandarin Chinese, and two teachers took part. 


The course had two parts. In the first session, Students’ views on the world after the pandemic, the students discussed the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent changes caused in their life. After that, they studied a range of proverbs in each of the languages and corresponding expressions in the other language. They all felt enriched by this great opportunity for oral practice with native speakers very far away that distant learning provides, despite the spread of COVID-19, and that it had enhanced mutual understanding.


Moscow State Pedagogical University is one of three leading pedagogical universities in the Russian Federation. In recent years, the university has been sending some students to academic partner universities in Taiwan to study Chinese or as exchange students, and National Chengchi University is one of its academic mobility program partners. The scope and depth of bilateral cooperation continues to gradually widen.