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‘Muse Players Epidemic Prevention Continuous Learning and Exploring’ Press Conference for 2020 Summer Activities Start Up in National Social and Education Institutions and Cultural Institutions


This summer, the Ministry of Education (MOE), its governing institutions, the National Palace Museum, and institutions under the Ministry of Culture will jointly hold a series of activities named ‘Muse Players’, including the main activity ‘Epidemic Prevention Continuous Learning and Exploring’. In response to the gradual slowdown of the seriousness of the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), these aforementioned institutions are providing diverse collection resources and performances and exhibitions organized by museums and libraries for the public to experience. This will enable the public to still explore and learn continuously with enthusiasm from books in various fields, as well as collections and exhibitions in museums and libraries during the epidemic prevention period.

The institutions within the MOE, the Ministry of Culture, and the National Palace Museum will hold a continuous series of splendid and diverse learning activities during the next half year, including more than 568 lectures, 678 workshops, 422 camps and 17,470 performances and exhibitions. In order to attract and guide the public to explore the treasures in all these institutions, the MOE has established the website “Muse Players” and an abundant and wide variety of information about performances and exhibitions is conveyed here through Line@ and Facebook. In addition, a stamp collection activity will be launched, and participants can use the stamps to obtain promotional gifts in any institution, with 3 collection points on their collection cards gained through visiting all institutions. Everyone is warmly welcomed to actively take part in these numerous and wonderful events.