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Online Ceremony Launches Malaysia 2021 Sin Chew Taiwan Scholarships to Support Study in Taiwan


Malaysia Sin Chew Daily, one of the main local media, and the Organization of Taiwan Education and Cultural, Malaysia have collaborated to establish the 2021 Sin Chew Taiwan Higher Education Scholarship program to encourage excellent Malaysian students to further study in Taiwan. Recipients of a Sin Chew Taiwan Scholarship will be able to study at participating universities without worrying about the financial burden. 

The Sin Chew Daily and the Organization of Taiwan Education & Culture, Malaysia held an online launch ceremony for the 2021 Sin Chew Taiwan Higher Education Scholarship. 

The Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Malaysia, members of the Organization of Taiwan Education and Cultural, Malaysia, and representatives of the participating universities also took part in the ceremony. The universities —Kun Shan University, Aletheia University, Hsuan Chuang University, and Ling Tung University—were each invited to outline their programs and give details of the scholarships. 

The General Manager Corporate Relations of the Sin Chew Daily, Mr. Tan remarked that the excellent study environment in Taiwan is one of the top reasons for Malaysian students to consider doing further study abroad in Taiwan. He added that the students who have studied in Taiwan and returned to Malaysia have continued to contribute and serve the community with the knowledge and experiences they gained in Taiwan. Their main contributions have been in the trade, education, and cultural fields, and for all these reasons he supports and encouraging enhancement of the relationship between Malaysia and Taiwan.

Mr. Beh Chew Nam, Chair of the Organization of Taiwan Education & Culture, Malaysia, pointed out that education is one of the most useful weapons for developing prosperity, especially in the current challenging period. The main purpose of this scholarship to ease the financial burden of students and their families, and the organizers hope young talents will be able to pursue studies in Taiwan to fight for their dreams and then make their own contributions to Malaysia society.

Taiwan and Malaysia have been enjoying good cooperative relations in many education fields for many years. The participants in the ceremony all have confidence that the opportunities that the scholarship program provides will benefit students and the educational relationships between Taiwan and Malaysia, contributing to building a better future for all.