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FAATUM & the Education Division in Malaysia Launch 2022 Taiwan Higher Education Online Exposition Promoting Study in Taiwan

A scene from the launch of the 2022 Taiwan Higher Education Online Expo Opening Ceremony

The 2022 Taiwan Higher Education Online Exposition was officially launched on November 8 this year, providing students and their parents with the latest information on undertaking further studies in Taiwan. Datuk Dr. Tang Yong Chew, the acting president of Federation of Alumni Association of Taiwan Universities (FAATUM), and Dr. Charlin Chang, the director of the Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Culture Office in Malaysia (TECO) were invited to the opening ceremony to launch the exhibition together with diplomatic representatives of Indonesia, Macau, and Myanmar, and educational institutions in Taiwan.

Datuk Dr. Tang Yong Chew encouraged Malaysian students to cherish the opportunities to study in Taiwan and said that the online Education Expo will benefit young students from Malaysia using the latest internet technology, and it also demonstrates the innovative and lively trends of Taiwan’s higher education. He said that he believed the Expo will encourage Malaysian students to utilize the information to help themselves apply to study in Taiwan. He looked forward to FAATUM holding more live activities after the pandemic, to provide Malaysian students with more guidance and assistance for their further studies. 

Dr. Charlin Chang pointed out that the outstanding performance of many Malaysian students in Taiwan has been recognized by people from all walks of life. Taiwan has maintained excellent economic growth and competitiveness despite the pandemic and Taiwan offers world-class higher education, with a wide range of high-quality and diverse academic programs available, which will help Malaysia train highly skilled people. She therefore welcomed Malaysian students to make good use of this higher education exhibition, then choose to study abroad in Taiwan, and create their better future.

Representatives of Malaysia and other countries, including students took part in the opening ceremony launching the Expo. This was followed by some practical presentations: including “Practical Guidance to Study Abroad in Taiwan – What Should I Do Before Registration?” and “Preparation Strategy for Required Documents for Personal Applications”. These were also streamed on the Youtube channel of the Taiwan University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students (TUECOCS) and the Facebook fan pages of the overseas missions.

This online education Expo was organized by the TUECOCS and 106 universities in Taiwan. Each university presents details of its features and advantages it can offer to Malaysian students. 

Students who are interested in studying in Taiwan are welcome to visit the website ( The Expo will be available online from November 1, 2021 until October 31, 2022.