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Minister Tu visits Shangfeng DOC

Minister Tu visits Shangfeng DOC
Tu Cheng-Sheng, the Minister of Education, visited the Digital Opportunity Center (DOC) of Shangfeng and Shangfeng Primary Schools accompanied by officials of the Education Bureau of Yunlin county and a DOC team. Tu told the Shangfeng DOC that their work should help narrow the information gap between urban and remote towns.

Citizens address local affairs by DOC

Shangfeng has rich ecological resources and a strong agriculture industry. The digital center had poor network connectivity due to inadequate bandwidth. To solve this problem, the Education Bureau of Yunlin county and Shangfeng Primary School increased the bandwidth to 10MB and established a relay station.

DOC lets the world view the town

With the assistance of an advisory group from the National Yunlin University of Science & Technology, the DOC has become a strong provider of digital learning helping connect the local people in addressing affairs of the town. It helps local citizens be more aware of what's happening in their community and also lets the world know about the town.

Promotes traditional culture through IT

The Internet Café next to the DOC classroom offers Gukeng coffee, fruit enzymes and preserved plums produced by the locals. Hu Chun-An and his wife, students at the DOC, said that they have a blog to promote their organic agricultural products.

During his visit, Minister Tu said that the government's investment in digital technology is not enough. The private sector should also help. For the past 2 years, more than 20 non-governmental organizations have made investments in this technology. Moreover, universities, and private firms such as IBM, HP, and CHT have made donations of software and hardware. All of these help narrow the digital gap.

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