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MOE's win-win-win Employee Training Programs

MOE's win-win-win Employee Training Programs
The MOE held a press conference on July 9 to exhibit some of the results of its 2007 Employee Training Program that includes the Enterprise-School Partnerships, Vocational School Programs for Star Industries and Two-Year College Programs. Participating schools, enterprises and students displayed some of their creations such as the long-distance care facility "U-Care" and TFT-LCD panel board.
Enterprise-School Partnerships adopted a vertical continuation principle. Partnership modes of "three plus two" (vocational school plus two-year college) and "three plus two plus two" (vocational school, two-year college and two-year technical college) train students for employment at partnered enterprises. Partnerships started in 2006 and the number of students who have been employed has reached 596.
The Vocational School Programs for Star Industries was launched to deal with the shortage of technicians in the labor market and provide chances for the students from poor families and junior high school drop-outs to become technicians. The Training Programs for Star Industries, which was meant to support the Vocational School Programs for Star Industries, give subsidies to poor families and paid internships with partnered enterprises.

The Two-Year College Programs were meant to equip students with technical know-how and skills for the star industries. The close cooperation between schools and enterprises enabled the students to acquire the skills and knowledge exactly demanded by the labor market.
The Master's Degree Programs for Industry Research was meant to develop innovative and research talents needed by the domestic technology sector. The programs have opened over 130 classes since 2005 and graduated 3,850 students. The MOE hopes the programs could help Taiwan's technology sector remain competitive on the global stage and turn Taiwan into a knowledge-based economy.

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