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Establish a Diversified System, Practice Holistic Education, Cultivate Global Citizens

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  • Date:107-09-28

Education possesses the force to change the future of an individual and is also the key to raise the competitiveness of a nation. Our country can develop toward the concepts of “preschool education as the basis for the growth of personality and the development of interpersonal relations,” “the ideal education amounts to assisting each individual with adaptive growth and multi-faceted development,” “the examination system should not be the only standard to judge a student,” “the quality of the teacher and the planning of the lessons are the core of educational work.” We should gradually present the notions of “establishing a diversified system, practicing holistic education, cultivating global citizens” as the vision for education, while we should also educate students to possess the ability of reasoning independently, the spirit of scientists, and the ability to distinguish clearly between right and wrong, seek truth from facts, and grow into international talent.

On the road toward this vision, the Ministry of Education will uphold President Tsai Ing-wen’s four important educational targets, “let students learn happily,” “cut the burden for parents,” “let education move along with the times,” “cultivate mature 18-year-old citizens,” and echo Premier Lai Ching-te’s guiding policy principle of “endless learning.” As the Ministry of Education is promoting a learner-centered approach at all stages of education. We are providing high-quality preschool education, speeding up the expansion of the range of public early childhood education available, and improving the working conditions of preschool educators. At the elementary and secondary education stages, we are actively implementing the 12-year Basic Education program. This has “identifying aptitudes and developing associated skills” as a core principle, and provides students with a diverse range of pathways for adaptive development.

In our technical and vocational education sector, we are developing a domain that aligns what is learnt in schools, colleges, and universities with industry practices and needs, strengthening the links between the workplace and academia, and training the skilled workforce which business will need in the future. We are also promoting the Youth Education and Employment Development Personal Account Project to provide young students with a more diverse range of flexible career choices and opportunities to explore.

In the higher education sector, we are promoting the Higher Education Intensive Development Program for a complete upgrade of the quality of universities and tertiary colleges and to boost multifaceted development of this sector. We are also easing restrictions on the system to assist universities and colleges to develop in innovative ways, and train and educate outstanding creative people.

The Ministry of Education is continuing to build healthy, safe, sustainable and friendly campus environments, promote students’ holistic development, establish a system that trains and educates teachers to provide student-centered learning, and at the same time, strengthen the professional knowledge and skills competencies of teaching staff, continue to safeguard the rights of students in remote areas and underprivileged students, implement multicultural education, and protect and respect people’s heritage, and provide the public with channels and opportunities for multi-faceted lifelong learning.

The Ministry of Education is also putting its full effort into the New Southbound Policy training initiatives, as part of its work to nurture professionals with international skills and a broad outlook.

To boost our citizens’ health and fitness, we are working to establish a revitalized sports environment for the general public, and ensure that athletics organizations are sound and effective. We are promoting sports as an activity for everyone, and sports as an industry, and boosting Taiwan’s international participation in sports.

Education is a business of generations, a project which has to continue and cannot be interrupted. In the spirit of educational service and devotion, the Minister of Education will gradually resolve the current difficulties in education, with steps seeking the truth from facts, realistically implement each kind of education policy, create a new era in education together, and turn education into the main engine of Taiwan’s social development.