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Ministry of Education Plans for 2013 (January-December 2013)

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  • Date:101-06-06
  1. Establish world-class universities and research centers, reward excellence in university teaching; promote the introduction and implementation of mechanisms for reviewing the performance of colleges and universities and for guidance counseling; strengthen the link between training for higher education professionals and industry needs, gradually develop academic exchanges between Taiwan and China, improve the quality of teaching and research and of the international competitiveness of universities.
  2. Help improve the quality and professionalism of polytechnic education, help develop exemplary polytechnical colleges and improve polytechnic education, help schools develop their characteristics; encourage hiring industry experts as instructors, strengthen industry-academia links, improve the ability of polytechnical college students to become employed.
  3. Improve the system for providing instructors with work orientation and in-service training, raise the quality of primary school and high school teachers, enhance teacher education strategic alliance mechanisms, improve institutes for teaching professionals and continuing education; implement mechanisms for removing incompetent teachers; gradually raise the remuneration for teachers in private schools to that of public schools, legalize standardization of teacher remuneration.
  4. Implement 12-year compulsory education, increase the percentage of junior high school graduates admitted to a high school or vocational school without passing an entrance examination, phase in zero tuition for all high school and vocational school students; improve the quality of high schools and vocational schools, achieve balanced development of high schools and vocational schools in all regions.
  5. Gradually reduce class sizes in junior high schools and primary schools and work to increase the number of primary school teachers to improve the quality of compulsory education; create a quality environment in junior high schools and primary schools, work to provide after-school care to schoolchildren; reinforce or rebuild dilapidated high school and primary school buildings; manage school-provided food and drink.
  6. Help combine day care centers and kindergartens, ensure the quality of preschool education, and provide families with 5-year-olds with subsidies free education.
  7. Improve the education safety net, provide disadvantaged students with more subsidies and lunch allowances, safeguard disadvantaged students' rights to receive an education; pool resources to establish a support system, thoroughly implement inclusive education for disabled students, achieve the ideal of equal educational opportunity.
  8. Strengthen the current lifelong learning system, promulgate a lifelong learning habit; raise awareness of the importance of family education and bolster the role families play; draw up plans to cope with the aging population, establish a localized and diversified learning system for the elderly; promote obedience and respect for seniors, strengthen family education; help libraries provide innovative services, create quality reading environments.
  9. Combat campus bullying and drug abuse, work to help school dropouts to return to school and prevent them from dropping out again; provide education in gender equality, life, human rights, law and order, and morality; provide education on the environment, create a safe and healthy learning environment.
  10. Promote information ethics and safe use of the internet, improve teachers and students' ability to apply information technology; establish a quality educational and research network infrastructure, provide disadvantaged students with training in digital application, narrow the digital learning gap between urban and rural areas.
  11. Help improve the learning environment for the children of Taiwanese businessmen in China, take part in international cultural and educational organizations, promote international academic cooperation and educational exchanges, encourage Taiwanese students to study abroad, develop overseas Chinese language education, promote exports of Taiwan's higher education industry, admit more outstanding overseas Chinese, Mainland Chinese, and foreign students, develop Taiwan into a higher education hub in East Asia.
  12. Help students make the transition from school to the workplace, raise students' ability to become employed; promote youth policy alliances, establish a platform for youth to participate in public affairs, nurture youth leadership, train persons with leadership potential to become future leaders; encourage youths to provide volunteer services, travel round Taiwan, and take part in international events to cultivate their abilities.
  13. Strengthen physical education to improve students' physical fitness; promote exercise among all citizens to create a LOHAS exercise island; construct sports centers and national athletes training centers to provide quality sports, training, and recreational environments; train athletes to increase Taiwan's competitiveness in sports.
  14. Help organize the 2017 Taipei Universiade, work to host large international competitions to increase Taiwan's international visibility; create a fine sports industry development environment to attract investment.


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