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Enhance ICT Infrastructure

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  • Date:101-02-24
Enhance Infrastructure
  • All schools nationwide were connected to the internet in 1999.
  • Developed the TANet Whois system for management of IPv4/IPv6 In 2011 and updated the Router of all region network center to Dual stack IPv4/IPv6 . Wireless campus network roaming of inter-school had been accomplished and authentication with single account.
  • E-classrooms have established for every school to embed ICT in education instructions by 2009.
  • Ratio of PC vs. student up to 7:1.
  • Computer classes taken in grade 3~7.

Enrich Digital teaching resources /activities

  • Established nation-wide learning object management systems and supplied teaching materials, lesson plans, etc. to teachers.
  • Developed 6 web-based learning systems for on-line learning activity.
  • Establish a web-based Creative Commons platform to encourage free sharing of digital learning contents from public and private sectors.
  • Encourage open source software for e-learning.

ICT Literacy Trainning of the Primary and Secondary School teachers

  • Conducting annual training courses for in-service teachers in the fields of ICT skills, ICT in education concept and practice to improve ICT literacy. Over 90% grade 1~9 teachers has attended 6hr training courses by 2011.
  • Developing e-Learning courses for on-line studying and self-learning.