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Press Conference on 2012 Life Education Program by Ministry of Education

Press Conference on 2012 Life Education Program by Ministry of Education
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  • Date:101-12-17

Press Conference on 2012 Life Education Program by Ministry of Education


Life education is the core and most fundamental value of education. This year, Ministry of Education has organized a series of events on life education, expecting that through these competitions, our children, apart from their curricula, will learn about diverse relationships such as the relationship of people and oneself, of people and others, of people and the society, and of people and nature. By doing so, they can discover the meaning and value of life.

The Ministry of Education, on September 6th, 2012, held a “Press Conference on 2012 Life Education Program” on the 5th Floor of the Auditorium of Ministry of Education.

To promote a series of life education programs which aim to fill our school campuses and society with warmth and love, to let students understand and value their lives, to better care for each other which would then lead to the protection of the ecological environment of our planet.

The programs included “Competition of Audiovisual Teaching Materials on Life Education,” “Competition of Posters on Life Education,” “Competition of Drama on Life Education,” “Competition of Essay Writing on Life Education” and “One Hundred Percent Love of Education.” Applications for these competitions are now being accepted. In order to arouse attention from the public, students, parents, and teachers, and to encourage participation from students, the Ministry of Education scheduled plans to organize a “Presentation of Achievements and Awarding Ceremony of Life Education Programs” to award outstanding works and students in mid-December of this year.

This year’s Press Conference on Life Education Program invited Ms. Yin-Fei Ou of the Blessed Imelda’s School, the winner of last year’s “One Hundred Percent Love of Education” event, to share her life experience to inspire and communicate with her students and how she used different approaches to understand the inner worlds of children. In addition, the winner of last year’s drama competition of the senior high group, Zhuang Jing Vocational School, was invited to perform the drama of “The Four Mirrors of One’s Life” which aimed to arouse the attitude of the public to respect and love life.

The Ministry of Education hoped that through the aforementioned competitions, students would be encouraged to further understand the value of self and life, and that they would respect all life and individual differences. By doing so, the life potential of students would be inspired, their outlook on life would be deepened, and those values would be internalized. Additionally, these values would be integrated into their personalities so that they would lead fulfilling, happy and meaningful lives. Furthermore, each student would have an opportunity to see his/her own development for enjoying a more vital life.

The Ministry of Education continues to appeal to the public, parents and teachers to encourage their children or students to participate in the series programs of life education and hopes that students would actively take part in the life education competitions. They anticipate that children can show their talents and identify themselves with confidence to achieve their life goals and fulfill their lives. Meanwhile, they could actively care for others, respect others and show empathy with others.