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Dictionary of Chinese Idioms

Dictionary of Chinese Idioms
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  • Date:2009-09-15

Chinese website:

The dictionary's features are:

  1. Huge idiom database architecture:

    Total database frequency architecture and statistics amount to over 30 kinds of books and 48,030 entries.

  2. Compilation of grouped idioms:

    There are more than 1,500 idioms of the same origin whose usage is worth referring to, a total of over 5,000 entries. Combined with the idiomatic information contained in the Revised Dictionary of Chinese Idioms and other information in the appendix, a total of 23,385 entries, the book contains more than 28,000 entries of idioms.

  3. Detailed compiling style design:

    Each entry includes expatiation, original text of allusion, annotation, description of allusion, reference, usage (including present-day illustrative sentences), identification, and reference terms.

  4. Rich data compiling of appendices:

    Idioms of films and novels, idiom application little stories, idiom relay, text auxiliary database, and terms for social occasions.

  5. Vivid display of result search:

    Vivid, flowing search screens enhance learning effect.

  6. Classification of functional idioms:

    Aid the rhetoric need of speech and writing by employing classification of natural language concept.

  7. Fresh English search creativity:

    Creative ways to search English words, providing foreigners with a convenient way to learn Chinese.


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