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Dictionary of Frequently-Used Taiwan Minnan

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  • Date:2013-02-19

Dictionary of Frequently-Used Taiwan Minnan, the first official dictionary of the Taiwan Minnan language, was compiled through the collaboration of experts and academics commissioned by the Ministry of Education. The dictionary is intended to promote popularization and preservation of the indigenous language. The trial edition was put forward in 2008 to solicit comments. In 2011, the dictionary was officially published for general use.


The dictionary contains more than 20,000 words collected from documentary statistics and field work, including frequently-used words, place names, solar terms, idioms and slangs, words with common Mandarin cognates, etc., complete with regional pronunciation differences. To indicate how the words are pronounced, Taiwanese Romanization Scheme is adopted. In addition to definitions and example sentences, more than 16,000 entry words are provided with voice files, some with pictures for illustration, to facilitate learning.


Searches can be carried out by entering characters of Taiwan Minnan or Romanization of the entry word, or its corresponding Chinese word, or conducting index browse to select the target word, thus allowing easy access to those who are unfamiliar with Taiwan Minnan characters and/or Romanization.


The completion of the web edition of Dictionary of Frequently-Used Taiwan Minnan celebrates a giant leap in the education of Minnan language toward standardization through professional and rational reasoning and discussion.





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