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Global Youth Action Plan


We organize the Global Youth Action Plan to give young people a variety of opportunities to engage in international affairs. We help self-formed youth teams design action plans focused on the Sustainable Development Goals by giving them training through the four stages of proposal composition, assessment and guidance, connecting internationally, and acting locally.

I.Proposal composition training

Courses for youth on current international affairs and future developments, topic discussions, introduction to the Global Youth Action Plan, and case study presentations.

II. Assessment and guidance

Based on digital action, young people make plans to connect internationally and act locally, and then form teams and submit first draft action plans. They are matched with mentors who give them guidance and advice, and help the teams revise their action plans to make them more comprehensive.

III.Connecting internationally

As the youth teams contact international organizations online, we give them prompt advice, access to a reference list of international organizations, and assistance making effective connections. Through online exchanges with global and international organizations, the teams apply the experience of those connections to revise and improve follow-up local action programs.

IV.Acting locally

We guide youth teams to implement topical actions such as training workshops, promotional exhibitions, environmental deliveries, game packs, parent-child game workshops, and other events focused on topics of concern and impactful action. At the end of the year, we hold a results networking event and acknowledge outstanding teams. Award winners are offered the opportunity to go abroad to carry out practical activities within a two-year window or continue to run their local plans.