News Updates

No. Title Date
The Graduation Ceremony for the First Young Children's Class of Indigenous Peoples' Compulsory Education 06/23/2006
Welcoming a New Century of Diverse Cultures and Peoples 06/22/2006
Promoting crafts and skills education, cultivating multiple intelligences 06/08/2006
National English Reading Contest and Plan to Incorporate Information Into Senior High and Vocational School: English teaching achieve remarkable results 06/08/2006
Applications of precision machinery upgraded - Conference to announce R&D results of precision machinery technology by technical schools held 06/07/2006
Years of anti-drug battle: Youth and Energy 06/03/2006
Tug our way from campus to the world - 2006 nationwide school tug of war competition opens on June 3 06/01/2006
Building a starting point for the lives of disadvantaged children 06/01/2006
Education in Taiwan - The Road Ahead 01/01/2006
The Signing Ceremony for the Taiwanese-German Academic Links Agreement 03/17/2005
2005 UMAP Board Meeting 03/04/2005
2004 International Computer Symposium 12/15/2004
The 13th International Symposium & Book Fair on English Teaching 11/12/2004
The 45 General Assembly Meeting of the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement 10/13/2004
Congratulatory Speech for the Signing Ceremony for the Memorandum of Understanding 09/15/2004