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No. Title Date
2007 Jan-Apr: Invitations and Meetings with Foreign Guests 04/30/2007
2006 Jan-Apr: Invitations and Meetings with Foreign Guests 04/30/2006
(Australia) Representative Mr. Steve Waters 07/29/2005
(Thailand) Senator Mr. Chaowarin Latthasaksirer 07/19/2005
(Paraguay) Vice Minister of Culture Sr. Bruno Barrios Sosa 07/11/2005
(Gambia) Minister of Education Ms. Fatou L. Faye and Delegation 07/08/2005
(Thailand) Reporters 07/05/2005
(Australia) Mr. Philip Honerwood MP, Deputy Leader of the Victorian Opposition 07/04/2005
(U.S.A.) Dr. Merle Farier and Dean Sharon E. Alexander, University of Montana 06/28/2005
(Australia) Mr. Dean Woodgate, ACIO 06/22/2005
(Bolivia) Congressman Sr. Favio Porcel Arancibia 06/17/2005
(U.S.A.) Dr. Eugene Muscat, University of San Francisco 06/14/2005
(U.S.A.) AmCham Education Committee 06/14/2005
(U.S.A.) Dr. Donald R. Lehman, George Washington University (GW) 06/09/2005
(Latin America) Representatives from LACIS 05/27/2005