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Education in The Republic of China 2003


By Chapters ( Smaller Files )

    1. Introduction
    2. Goals and Legal Basis for the Education Platform of the Republic of China
    3. Educational Administrative System and Duty
    4. Organization of Educational Administrative Agencies
    5. An Educational Overview
    6. Levels of Education
    7. The Organization of Public Schools According to Level
    8. The Curriculum, Instructional Material and Equipment
    9. Current Situations of Schools According to Level
    10. Classification of Students at Vocational Schools and Higher Educational Institutes
    11. Educational Expenditure
    12. Students and Population
    13. Teacher Qualification
    14. On-the-job Training and Advanced Study for Teachers
    15. Welfare Benefits for School Teachers
    16. Pay Schedule for Teachers
    17. Social Education
    18. International Cultural and Educational Exchanges
    19. Conclusions