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12-Year Educational Placement for Disabled Students in Taiwan, Kinmen and Mazu

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  • Date:98-10-09

I. Foreword

To enable more disabled junior high school graduates to study in senior/vocational high schools, the Ministry of Education in 2001 implemented a "4-Year Plan to Place Disabled Students for a Period of 12 Years" , allowing disabled junior high school graduates to study in senior/vocational high schools, in an effort to fully realize their potential. The main purpose is to provide disabled students with the opportunity to study and be flexibly placed in a senior/vocational high school near them. This placement operation has been assigned to the Ministry of Education's Central Region Office as one of its regular annual tasks in an attempt to lay the foundation for 12-year national education for disabled students.

In addition, in response to the "Plan to Implement the Policy of Exam-Free Admission to Senior/Vocational High Schools and 5-Year Junior Colleges", a taskforce on exam-free admission for disabled students will be formed to devise a relevant operating mechanism.

II. Tasks

  1. Determining the resources needed and available to implement "12-Year Educational Placement for Disabled Students".
  2. Preparing and announcing information leaflets on the enrollment of students in different disability categories.
  3. Handling enrollment publicity.
  4. Assessing the abilities of students who are mentally challenged or visually impaired.
  5. Reviewing organization of exams held for disabled students.
  6. Handling the logistics of placement of students in different disability categories in various placement areas.
  7. Handling complaints in various placement areas.
  8. Announcing lists of students that are placed in different disability categories.
  9. Holding meetings and reviews.
  10. Handling other relevant matters.

III. Eligibility

  1. Eligible students must meet one of the following criteria:
    • Have been judged to be disabled and need to be placed by the Committee Responsible for Identification and Placement of Gifted and Disabled Students of various cities/counties.
    • Have been issued a disability booklet indicating a disability covered by this placement plan.
  2. If rules governing placement of students with a particular disability exist, those rules will apply.

IV. Disabilities Eligible for Placement

In the 2009 academic year, students with any of the following disabilities are eligible for placement under the plan: students who are mentally challenged, physically challenged, visually impaired or hearing impaired, and students with learning disabilities, autism or cerebral palsy. Plans are being made to include students suffering from severe emotional disorders and to place students mostly in special education schools and in the special education and resources classes of senior/vocational high schools in the 2010 academic year.

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