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Concised Mandarin Chinese Dictionary

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  • Date:2006-06-09

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Concise Mandarin Chinese Dictionary is a reference book the ministry has compiled for use by primary, junior high school students and foreign beginners after Revised Mandarin Chinese Dictionary. Whether to include a character in the dictionary is determined using scientific statistical character frequency method. The pronunciation is determined based on Revised Table of Polyphonic Mandarin Characters announced by the ministry in order to reflect present-day language. The dictionary contains 45,000 entries of characters and terms and over 1,000 pictures, with pronunciation of most characters and terms recorded. Therefore, it is also a  Chinese voice database. In addition to ordinary words and phrases, idioms, tag lines, quasi set phrases, proverbs, loanwords, and technical terms are collected. To help users understand the meaning of the word, plain vernacular language is used. Pictures are included to help readers understand abstract concepts. In order to become multimedia, in addition to full-text search, the dictionary offers a feature to access the word being looked up by clicking on its picture, hoping the dictionary can be used as a tool for parent-child education.


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