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Learning Program for Stroke Order of Frequently Used Chinese Characters

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  • Date:2008-07-01

This website is created to provide additional instructional support to learners of Mandarin Chinese, particularly with the system of writing practice and the demonstration of the stroke order of Chinese characters. Stroke order means the writing sequence of Chinese characters. Learning how to write Chinese characters correctly is essential and fundamental to the learning of the Chinese language. This website contains 4,808 of the most frequently used Mandarin characters. Users can click the search function to enter the home page to browse the character stroke order or to practice their selected characters. Once in the practice site, users just click their mouse and use the screen pen to practice tracing their selected characters. Encouraging results will be provided by the system.

Users may also acquire further information about the characters through the Advanced Learning function. Explanations include dictionary information, structure instruction, identification guides, and so on. To assist the users’ search for this information, the system is equipped with several search methods, e.g. radicals, the number of required strokes, Bopomofo, and Pinyin, including its stroke order. Pronunciation guides are provided for the characters and symbols. If users require assistance in other languages than Mandarin, they can use the mouse to click on the various functions and pull down the information window. This system is open to the general public. Your comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated.


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