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Revised Handbook of Punctuation

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  • Date:98-07-28
  • Revised Handbook of Punctuation was published in 1987 by the Ministry of Education. Due to changes in writing style and format that many people adopt these days, the MOE decided to revise the previous edition and offer this new edition out of practical consideration.

  • There are 15 punctuation marks included in this revised edition. They are sentence mark, comma, enumeration mark, semicolon, colon, quotation marks, parentheses, question mark, exclamation point, dash, ellipsis, book and article marks, proper name mark, separation mark, and hyphen.
    Among them, the previous quotation marks "「」", which are used in the horizontal writing style, have been changed to the following two versions: "「」" and "『』". The hyphen is a new addition, and the old sound separation mark "." has been renamed "separation mark."

  • This revised edition presents the correct use of punctuation in both horizontal and vertical writing styles. Explanations are given in the following categories: name, mark, position, explanation, and illustration of usage. Notes are provided if there is a need of further explanation.

  • Where there are two versions of the same punctuation mark, either version may be chosen.


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