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Mandarin Chinese Mini Dictionary

Mandarin Chinese Mini Dictionary
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  • Date:98-09-02

Website: http://dict.mini.moe.edu.tw/ 



  • This dictionary was compiled mainly for elementary school students and core-language educators. Therefore, the explanations for each entry are simple and easy to understand, and the given examples are various but not complicated. 
  • The Ministry of Education started compiling the dictionary in 1994. The original plan was to include some 2,000 entries. Later, because the restrictions on the writing of textbooks were lifted, the MOE added more entries to it in 1999 and 2006 for practical purposes. This online program utilizes the second edition of the dictionary released in 2008. It contains about 4,300 entries and more than 600 illustrations. 
  • Pronunciation marked for each entry was based upon the Revised Table of Polyphonic Mandarin Characters, announced by the MOE. The selection of an entry was made after checking and comparing the following sources: 
  1. Textbooks of Chinese by different publishers for elementary schools;
  2. The 4,808 frequently-used characters shown in the master copy of the standard form of Chinese characters;
  3. The character frequency databank based on the survey of the frequency of commonly-used words;
  4. Statistics on the frequency of the commonly-used characters in China;
  5. Statistics on the frequency of characters appearing in the dictionaries of idioms most used by students.
  • To look up an entry, one may search by full text, radical, phonic spelling, or picture. Searching by picture entails clicking a picture in the dictionary to get to an entry. This search method is best when parents help their children in learning. The pictures are used to illustrate those adjectives which are hard to explain by words, such as big and small, deep and shallow, etc., or to illuminate certain abstract concepts such as running, pulling, and so on. The objective is to explain the meanings of certain entries by means of illustration.


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