Cultivating Taiwanese Talent in the Humanities and Social Sciences

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  • Date:102-11-07
    In response to the impact of globalization and development of digital networking, humanities and social sciences assume different roles in 21st century. Talented young people are imperatively needed to take up cultural heritages, to broaden their scopes, and to present themselves to both domestic and international communities.

    To reach such goals, the Ministry of Education puts forth a special program, “Cultivating Taiwanese Talents in the Humanities and Social Sciences”, integrating existent resources to create a platform for learning. Six projects that target students and teachers from high schools, colleges to graduate institutes are set up to enhance the basic knowledge, practical abilities and research capacities of respective participants.

The Elite Classes in Humanities and Social Sciences Project for Senior High School
    The project helps selected high schools in different regions of Taiwan to set up experimental classes on humanities and social sciences. To develop enthusiasm and proficiency for different fields, thematic summer camps are also held for the students to attend.

The Inter-departmental Project for Improvement and Innovation in Reading and Writing Courses
    To break the limits of single courses and specified programs, this project requires university instructors to give lectures of the first year in groups for team work. Compilation of teaching materials and module courses are especially encouraged, so that a learning platform can be established to enhance the reading and writing abilities of college students.

Reading Classics in the Humanities, Arts and Social Science
    This project aims to help college students study classical texts in humanities, arts, and social sciences. The universities are sponsored to offer three to six serial courses on intensive reading of selected classics, so that participants, both graduates and undergraduates, will be equipped with basic training for future academic research.

Development Project for Applied and Specialized Capacity in Humanity and Social Sciences
    Two sub-projects are included here. One is “The Applied Capability Curricula Plan”, encouraging instructors with interdisciplinary knowledge and professional experience to design serial courses which combine non-classroom activities. It aims to enhance learning motivation and general understanding of related fields. The other is “The Specialized Capacity Curricula Plan”, attracting professionals from industrial, governmental, academic and civil organizations to teach courses in school and offer practical training in industry. Its aim is to equip students with hands-on experience for future careers.

Overseas Study Scholarship Program for College Students in the Humanities and Social Sciences
    This project invites Euro-American universities to participate in training academics, and selects outstanding Taiwanese undergraduates to study abroad for one year. It aims to broaden the students’ views and to provide them with basic training as well as international networking for future research.

Subsidy for Establishment of the Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences
    This project, cosponsored with National Science Council, helps selected universities to establish centers for humanities and social sciences studies for creation of an environment for interdisciplinary exchanges, interprofessional collaboration, and research publications.

    This program, with its range of age groups and diversified subjects, helps provide students with knowledge and training in humanities and social sciences, from the very basic to the rather advanced. It aims to enhance their creativity, whether they join the industrial or the academic arenas, so that the cultural heritages of Taiwan can be envisioned and strengthened to face of ever increasing globalization and digitalization.