Project of Cultivation of Core and Interdisciplinary Application Competences of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2015-2018

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  • Date:107-06-04


On one hand, with the advance of science and technology, the acceleration in economic growth led to more technology-oriented policies. On the other hand, there were less attention and resources invested in personnel training and academic research related to the humanities. Therefore, in order to cultivate talents in the humanities and social sciences(HSS), to enhance their ability to innovate, and facilitate the participation of university teachers and students in social practice, this project, established and supported by Ministry of Education, contains four sub-projects:

(1)Cultivation of core talents of humanities and social sciences in senior high school
(2)Cultivation of talents of humanities and social sciences by one-year overseas study
(3)Dissertation rewritten as an academic book and compilation of academic papers focused on humanities and social sciences
(4)Cultivation of interdisciplinary competence by application of knowledge in HSS

The first three sub-projects aim to cultivate academic talents in the humanities and social sciences at different educational stages. The last one promotes local practices and transdisciplinary cooperation in the fields of HSS in universities.


2. Program

The contents of the above-mentioned sub-projects are as follows:

(1)Sub-project I : In order to attract and find talents of HSS as early as possible, the experiment classes are offered in senior high schools. Professors in this field from universities act as instructors to introduce classics, and thus motivate the students in research and inspire their academic interests prior to admission to college. Currently, there are six universities taking on the role of ten high schools' counsellors.
(2)Sub-project II : In cooperation with internationally recognized universities, the project selects outstanding undergraduates who are interested in academic research in the humanities and social sciences to study in prestigious universities in Europe and America for one year, providing them with opportunities of participation in the international academic community. Up to the present, 130 students have been selected to go abroad.
(3)Sub-project III : The project subsidizes postdoctors to rewrite their original dissertations into academic books, as well as subsidizes scholars to edit essays focused on important topics of HSS. It also assists the publication of these high-quality academic books and essays, encouraging young scholars to continuously deepen their research. At present, 77 doctoral dissertations and 13 compilations have been subsidized respectively. Nine books are expected to be published in the nearest future.
(4)Sub-project IV : This project encourages the teaching faculty of humanities and social sciences to collaborate with 2-3 other areas to form a cross-domain team." The specific strategy for the implementation of the project is to establish three-level courses, and make a linkage to a real/simulative field. Level one is to rouse "awareness", through the understanding of social conditions and the global trends, to cultivate humanistic practices and social care. Level two lies in submitting proposals for social innovation, recognizing the knowledge and skills required for transdisciplinary cooperation, developing creative thinking and exploring opportunities of knowledge application in the HSS. Level three emphasizes on real problem solving, strengthening cross-domain team cooperation with common goals and missions, and entering a real field for social practice or innovation and entrepreneurship. The three levels also correspond to how to learn, how to implement, how to cooperate, and how to change. A total of 11 universities participate in the project.


3. Achievements/Results

The first three sub-projects encourage young students to devote themselves to academic research in HSS, while the last one encourages cross-disciplinary application to enhance students' employment competitiveness. This talent training program helps students put social care into practice. They acquire solid and abundant background knowledge and skills so as to integrate various knowledge and create new values for technology through humanistic insights.  The specific results are as follows:  

(1)To develop the multi-innovation model in HSS, to explore different collaborative learning methods, and to try to build the experimental prototype and architectural basis for the new-generation entrepreneurial pattern
(2)To construct different modes of mutualistic symbiosis between universities and local communities. The construction of the field just provides a simulation interface, which enables the teams to innovate in the process of experiments. The benefits include:

A.Transdisciplinary courses and innovative programs should be developed in conjunction with field operation or the resolution of problems to develop different fields by simulation as an innovative space or a hub for university innovation in the future.

B. In addition to teaching materials provided to teachers, organizations such as enterprises, government and non-profit organizations are also suggested to further utilize or convert the results for further co-creation and to promote cooperation between student teams and residents in local communities.

C.To encourage universities to make contribution to cities or townships, and to have the spillover effects of the university's knowledge system so as to help the region develop innovative momentum.

D. Based on the characteristics of each school, six types of simulation field are developed: a. Field as a showcase of learning outcomes. b. The social space or experimental field combined with teaching activities. c. Totally learning / sharing as a basis for creative teaching space. d. The field of practice is also the field of classroom. e. Remodeling historic buildings into a resource sharing space and a creative hub. f. The space is seen as a simulation/experience laboratory.