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Profile on Education

No. Title Date
Press Conference on 2012 Life Education Program by Ministry of Education 12/17/2012
Ministry of Education Plans for 2013 (January-December 2013) 06/06/2012
Policy Blueprint 06/05/2012
Actions for Bridging Digital Divide 03/20/2012
Enhance ICT Infrastructure 02/24/2012
The Promotion Policy and Current Status of e-Learning for Tertiary Education 01/31/2012
The Intelligent Taiwan - Manpower Cultivation Project (Forming Part of the "i-Taiwan 12 Projects") 01/14/2010
Implementation of the 5-Year-Old Child Education Support Plan 12/29/2009
Kindergarten Counseling Plan to Improve Preschool Education 12/29/2009
The MOE implements Service Learning Programs in universities 11/18/2009
Program to Nurture Leaders from Among Senior High School Students 10/20/2009
12-Year Educational Placement for Disabled Students in Taiwan, Kinmen and Mazu 10/09/2009
Key Measures for Special Education 09/29/2009
Funding for Special Education 09/28/2009
Education of Gifted Students 09/24/2009