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No. Title Date
Enforcement Rules of the Student Guidance and Counseling Act 08/06/2018
Project of Cultivation of Core and Interdisciplinary Application Competences of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2015-2018 06/04/2018
Language Competence and Cultural Diversity Cultivation Project 04/26/2018
MOE Talent Cultivation Project for Digital Humanities 03/30/2018
The MOE’s 2014 Annual High School and Elementary School Digital Reading Project Presentation 04/27/2015
Trans-Disciplinary Education on Society-Humanity-Science(SHS)- Cultivation for the Competence of Cross-Boundary Problem-Based Learning in Colleges 01/03/2014
Cultivating Taiwanese Talent in the Humanities and Social Sciences 11/07/2013
Introduction to the Cultivating Modern Citizens’ Core Competencies Project 08/02/2013
Creativity and Imagining the Future in Education 04/23/2013
The Asian Smart Living International School Smart Living - Live the Smart Way 03/29/2013
OpenCourseWare Consortium in Universities: Resource Sharing 03/01/2013
Technological and Vocational Education in Taiwan, ROC 08/29/2011
The Handy Guide for Foreigners in Taiwan 01/13/2011
Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program (TELDAP) Introductory Brochure (2010) 09/30/2010
Bilingual Glossary Download 07/10/2007