News Updates

No. Title Date
MOE Promotes Technical Universities’ International Talent Cultivation University Pilot Project 02/01/2019
The 2019 National College and University Presidents Meeting- Foresee 2030+ Future University 01/11/2019
Active Vision, Rich Harvest The 4th Senior Citizens Learning Dedication Awards Ceremony 12/21/2018
2018 International Conference on Active Aging and Learning: Optimizing the Way We Age 12/19/2018
Implement in Full Scale Bilingualization of Taiwan’s Educational System; Cultivate Bilingual Talents to Bring Taiwan to the World 12/17/2018
Conference on Results of 2018 Promotion of Sexuality Education (including HIV Prevention) in Taiwan’s Universities 11/26/2018
2018 SATU Presidents’ Forum Held in Tainan 11/19/2018
Nobel Laureate Dr. Dan Shechtman Visits Taiwan Exchanging Views on Preschool Education with Minister of Education 11/17/2018
Youthquake-Our Common Future 11/04/2018
YOUth Can Change the World! 11/03/2018
TECRO in the U.S. and ACIE Co-host “A Taste of Taiwan” 11/02/2018
2018 Global Youth Trends Forum 10/31/2018
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officials visit the Minister of Education, Jiunn-Rong Yeh 10/12/2018
"SenseAbility: Art and Design Education are Bringing Beauty Back to the Basics" 10/08/2018
Linking up with the world, 2018 Annual Special Education Statistic Report will be published in Chinese and English 10/08/2018