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News Updates

No. Title Date
Youth POP Make The World Rock! 2019 Global Youth Trends Forum in Taiwan— Create a New Future with the Youths from Five Continents 2019-10-25
TECO Launches 2020 Professional Development Program in Taiwan for Chinese Language Teachers in Australia & New Zealand 2019-10-21
Current Condition and Measures of the MOE’s All-Out Defense Education 2019-10-03
2019 APEC Workshop on Regional Industry-Academia Collaboration for Talent Development 2019-10-02
The Ministry of Education Announced the Investigation: “Statistical Results of 2018 Survey of Students Use of Illegal Drugs” 2019-09-04
National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology holds EMBA Charter Ceremony and Alumni Banquet 2019-08-19
Chinese Taipei School, Kuala Lumpur holds 2019 Graduation Ceremony 2019-08-19
Overseas Taiwanese in Kobe and Osaka Take Part in the 49th Kobe Festival 2019-08-19
Representative Frank Hsieh Speaks at Waseda University on the Status and Prospects of Taiwan–Japan Relations 2019-08-19
Scholar from Taiwan Gives Lectures at Moscow City University 2019-08-19
Joint visit to Taiwan by Heads of KU Leuven and UCLouvain, Belgium’s Leading Universities 2019-08-19
Yin Chin Foundation Honors 2019 Scholarship Recipients 2019-08-19
Michigan State University Hosts Conversation with Stacey He, Author of “Three Moons” 2019-08-19
National Social Education Institutions toward the Internationalization Promoting Multiple Bilingual Special Exhibitions 2019-08-15
Overseas Students from Southbound Policy Targeted Countries Exploited to Work? Ministry of Education: Severe Measures Taken to Protect Students’ Rights 2019-07-16