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News Updates

No. Title Date
Engage Locally; Aim Globally- Announcement of Results of The Phase II University Social Responsibility Program (2020-2022) 2020-03-17
College Entrance Exam for Physically and Mentally Disabled Students of 109 Academic Year Starts Today 2020-03-16
23 Students Awarded “Taiwan and Austria Higher Education Science and Research Seed Funding” Scholarships for travel to Austria to Gain Productive Experiences through Study and Research or Exchanges 2020-03-11
The “2019 Annual Report on Reading Atmosphere and Reading Engagement in Taiwan” is Announced 2020-03-11
Students and Teachers Invited to Participate in the Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science 2020-02-14
To Establish Guidelines for Facilitating Character and/or Moral Education Programs, and to Cultivate Character and/or Moral Culture in the Republic of China (Taiwan) 2020-02-07
Taiwan-Germany University of Science and Technology Alliance Encourages Exchange and Communication between Teachers and Students 72 Teachers and Students Went to Germany to Research and Study 2020-02-05
Response to Topic of International Day of Education: Learning for People, Planet, Prosperity and Peace Ministry of Education Promotes Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education Pathways Toward Sustainable Development 2020-01-22
2019 Trial Implementation of Public Lending Right in National Public Libraries 2020-01-02
Regard the Best Interests of the Child as the Priority UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 2019-12-27
The 2019 Taiwan International Student Design Competition Award Ceremony will be held December 6 2019-12-06
Experience the Passion for Reading in Taiwan 2019 Taiwan Reading Festival Kicks Off Nationwide 2019-12-04
2019 Taiwan International Student Design Competition Announces its Winners! 2019-12-03
Kedah Officials Visit Taiwan for Chinese Learning Program and Educational Exchanges 2019-12-03
2019 International Conference on Active Aging and Learning: Designing the Narrative for 100 Years 2019-11-11