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News Updates

No. Title Date
2019 Trial Implementation of Public Lending Right in National Public Libraries 2020-01-02
Regard the Best Interests of the Child as the Priority UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 2019-12-27
The 2019 Taiwan International Student Design Competition Award Ceremony will be held December 6 2019-12-06
Experience the Passion for Reading in Taiwan 2019 Taiwan Reading Festival Kicks Off Nationwide 2019-12-04
2019 Taiwan International Student Design Competition Announces its Winners! 2019-12-03
Kedah Officials Visit Taiwan for Chinese Learning Program and Educational Exchanges 2019-12-03
2019 International Conference on Active Aging and Learning: Designing the Narrative for 100 Years 2019-11-11
The 2019 International Conference on Curriculum Leadership for Principals: Enhancing Implementation of the New Curriculum and Connections with the World 2019-11-04
The Annual Exhibition for Students of SPOSAD Ended Well 2019-11-04
Our Nation’s First Implementation of “Taiwan and Austria Higher Education Science and Research Seed Funding” Scholarships 23 Students Received Scholarships to Go to Austria For Have Studies, Research, and Exchanges 2019-10-31
The Establishment of the Life Education Middle-Term Project Enabling Students to Comprehend Values of Life 2019-10-30
Youth POP Make The World Rock! 2019 Global Youth Trends Forum in Taiwan— Create a New Future with the Youths from Five Continents 2019-10-25
TECO Launches 2020 Professional Development Program in Taiwan for Chinese Language Teachers in Australia & New Zealand 2019-10-21
Current Condition and Measures of the MOE’s All-Out Defense Education 2019-10-03
2019 APEC Workshop on Regional Industry-Academia Collaboration for Talent Development 2019-10-02