News Updates

No. Title Date
Overseas Students from Southbound Policy Targeted Countries Exploited to Work? Ministry of Education: Severe Measures Taken to Protect Students’ Rights 07/16/2019
To formulate a special education medium-term plan, and to comprehensively promote special education 07/02/2019
‘Muse Players Mission Impossible High-cker’ – 2019 Summer Activities Start Up in National Social and Education Institutions and Cultural Institutions 07/01/2019
“Anti-drug Healthy New Century˙Love and Care Come Together” National Anti-drug Exposition Activity 06/05/2019
Deputy Minister of Education Fan Sun-Lu led a delegation of Outstanding Teachers to Finland and Denmark for an Extensive Study Visit and met with the Directors of the Education Divisions in Europe 06/03/2019
Connecting with the World: MOE Taiwan Hostfamily Program Celebrates its 10th Anniversary 05/25/2019
Ministry of Education Press Conference of International Day of Families 15 May 2019 Being together, Caring together 05/13/2019
Prevention of Drugs from Entering Schools: The Ministry of Education proposes a strategy to track down the root causes of drugs 05/01/2019
Response to World Book Day: Three National Public Libraries Actively Hold Promotional Reading Activities 04/19/2019
Towards Real Equality – CEDAW in Taiwan 04/08/2019
College Entrance Exam for Physically and Mentally Disabled Students of 108 Academic Year Starts Today 03/22/2019
TOCFL held in London for Seventh Consecutive Year 02/27/2019
“Understanding Drugs • Reading • Health • Happiness” Special Educational Exhibition to Combat 02/23/2019
Satisfaction poll of government’s strategy to combat drug abuse: 87.7% of respondents are satisfied with government efforts to combat drug abuse on campus 02/22/2019
EC-SOS:From Innovation to Entrepreneurship 02/10/2019